We care about each creation of WASHI jeans, and we will extend our love and care of our product even once we have sold to you. Your WASHI jeans will come along with a serial number which serves as the identification purpose. With this serial number, we will assist you with the issues you may have with your WASHI jeans so that you can keep it for lifetime. An electronic warranty certification will be emailed to you after your purchase and in there will include all the details of your jeans.

Enjoy our jeans’ hem altering service that is inclusive upon your purchase. We will only use professional UNION SPECIAL 43200G (vintage sewing machine form the 1960s) to do the altering of your WASHI jeans to keep the unique chain stitching on the hem.

Don’t throw away your WASHI jeans. Contact us so that we can recycle it.

Hesitate about the fit ?

Click HERE to make a booking to our fitting room and we will make sure you get the perfect fit.

Has further query?

Email us at service@washijeans.jp or whatsapp us at +852 6777 6279

*Currently we only have a fitting studio in Hong Kong.
Soon there will be more other fitting studios in other countries.
Stay Tune!